Please Donate to KICKPICS Kickin' Cancer Campaign

WHAT IS KICKPICS KICKIN' CANCER? In the summer of 2012, we started the campaign. Three friends of mine that I knew from grade school all children that were fighting various forms of childhood Cancer. Then a young martial artist that I met through our school shoots was diagnosed with Bone Cancer. Then Grand Master Joe Lewis died from Cancer. It as at that time, that I decided to step up and do "something." That is when I started our KKC campaign.



* FACE KICK PHOTOS! KICKPICS has been around since 2001. There are a ton of martial arts photos out there but what put us on the map is our partner/action/face kick photos. So anytime we had a photo shoot throughout 2013, we invited schools to get involved in our campaign. If anyone wanted to shoot a face kick photo with a fellow student, the school owner or even a family member, we donated $1 towards our campaign. If they chose to kick someone on our KICKPICS team, we would match it and donate $2. Everybody won - the martial artist was excited to kick for the cause, they got a sweet action photo and we raised money. It created so much such excitement at our school shoots.

* OUR ANNUAL CALENDAR SALES - Every year, we have held contests for a chance to appear in our annual KICKPICS Calendar. In 2012, we started donating a portion of the proceeds. In 2013 and beyond, ALL proceeds will be donated. In 2014, for the all-women 2015 Ladies of KICKPICS Calendar, all proceeds will be donated to Breast Cancer research. In 2012, we donated to Sister Souls Inc. (the organization that helped my three friends) and The American Cancer Society.

In 2013 and beyond, we will donate to CureSearch, St. Judes and CancerCare.

CAN ANYONE DONATE? Absolutely. That is why we created this link.

This will be an ongoing campaign. The Lord has blessed me tremendously so I want to pay it forward. My goal is to find high-profile martial artists, martial arts celebrities and the big MMA fighters to support and kick for the cause. I want this to be huge. And it will be.

Again, thank you and God Bless!"