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"Hello my friend. I'm very proud of the work you're doing to promote the martial arts community through your Kickpics web site. It's been awhile so I don't recall word for word what you said one time on your site or maybe it was during one of our phone conversations about how you want Kickpics to unite the martial arts community. I'd like to offer a testimony to that statement. Since being a member of your Kickpics site and doing a photo shoot with you I've come into contact with dozens of new friends who train in the martial arts who too are members of your site. Additionally, I've come into contact with several military friends who did a photo shoot with you and or became members of Kickpics. Also, a few old black belt friends/instructors of my past for whom I've lost contact with I now am able to reach out to due to Kickpics. Kickpics does what you said it was meant to do. That is to unite and also reunite martial artists. Thanks for your quality work and providing the martial arts community with a 21st century method of advertising what they love to do and spent most of their life doing. I have seen all the work and progress you've made with this site over the years. You spend hours upon hours networking, sharing, shooting, uploading and etc to ensure Kickpics paves the road to both its success and the success of martial artists all around the world."

Michael Munyon
US-ITF Armed Forces Director
"It is rare to find a man dedicated to all martial artists without bias, a man whose joy and humility are matched only by his talent and spirit. Thank you Stace for documenting so many warriors with your camera for future generations."

Master Loren Avedon
California - Martial Arts Instructor, Actor (King of the Kickboxers) and Stuntman
"My boy Stace takes the best martial arts photos! His pictures have helped me in so many ways!"

Billy Hughes Florida
(Comment on Stace's MySpace page on February 3, 2005)
"Our thanks to Stace Sanchez for all his outstanding work and professional photography that is second to none."

Master Walter Swaney
Florida - Martial Arts Instructor
"First I would like to thank Stace for taken these amazing KickPics. Without his creativity, I wouldn't be on his site!. Thanks Stace! I definitely look forward to doing this again in the near future! I recommend anyone else that is into Martial Arts to do the same.. WOW!"

Mike Nguyen
Canada - Martial artist, Model
"The photo shoot was excellent! Stace is a true professional and true martial artist in every sense of the word. The pictures and angles were nothing short of brilliant, and I hope to do another in the near future!"

Thom "Thunder foot" Futrell
Michigan - Martial Artist
"I remember back in august when i did a photo shoot with Stace I didn't know what to expect. But It was a great experience. Stace was very professional and really worked with all of us to get the best possible photos. It was a lot of fun and I would definitely do it again in a second. The photos also came out great. I would suggest any martial artist to do a shoot because the pictures come out excellent. I wish Stace luck and hope KickPics continues to thrive."

Vic Valentin
New York - Martial Artist
"Stace Sanchez made my world of Tae Kwon Do a whole new thing, by dedicating his time to shoot pictures of me for at least 2 hours i imagine this man doing this for other martial artist. My pictures came out professionally that my friends thought i was on modeling. i am very honored that i met a good man and his dedication to my pictures i hope to see him again this year. If there are martial artists in NYC then don't miss a chance of meeting this man you will love your pictures."

Khurshed Jack Sanakulov
New York - Martial Artist
"I just wanted to give you the American Gladiator update.

Well, I went to the open call yesterday. I got there at around 3:30pm. Along with all my papers, I gave them two photos of me. Both of these photos were shot by you. One was a fighting pose; the other was the split kick that you dubbed perfect.

I went through the fitness test and a 10 minute interview. At the end of the interview, the rep told me that they will be doing call backs within the next 3-5 days. If I get one, then that's a good sign. I left at around 4pm.

I was walking to the gym this afternoon. My cell phone rang at about 3pm. It was another American Gladiators rep giving me a call back. Basically, I got my call back in less than a day.

She told me that I was awesome and that my photos were awesome.

I'm meeting with them tomorrow.

Thanks for those photos, Stace."

Szu Ting Moy
New York - Martial Artist
"It all started with KICKPICS!!! (Shooting with KICKPICS) was the first time I ever thought of shooting my stuff....your pictures have played an intrical part in establishing the KSA Fitness trademark....just wanted to say thanks again for taking the amazing pics!"

Jeremy Shelton
California - Martial Artist and Personal Trainer (owns KSA Fitness in Los Angeles)
"A lot of people comment on how 'Amazing' my kicks are; after all, as the exclusive 'kicker' featured on -- I GOT NO CHOICE BUT TO LOOK GOOD! But... little do many people know.... my best kept 'secret'...HAVE A GREAT PHOTOGRAPHER. (Preferably, one who's a martial artist) For example, take a look at this pic that was taken by Stace Sanchez....Only contact Stace if you're serious about getting 'good pics' done."

Scott Palangi
New York - Martial Arts Instructor (You can also hear Scott's audio testimonial at
"Stace, Hey buddy. You're growing bigger and bigger each month. Who knows, you might one day turn your site into some multi-million dollar .com site on yahoo or wherever. Looking forward to seeing you soon. Take care, Keith Vitali,"

Keith Vitali
Georgia - Martial Arts Hall of Famer, Actor, and Child Activist
"I am sure that some of you are familiar with Stace I am happy and proud to tell you that Stace and I have truly established a relationship this past year. Stace spent the past weekend at my school with us all for our February seminar to take pictures for us to document the weekend. At the end of the weekend I was under the impression that Stace had taken in the area of about 1000 pictures. Think about it; 1000 pictures is ALOT of pictures for one photographer to shoot in one weekend isn't it??? Stace just emailed me. When he got home and went thru the pictures, the final count on how many picture he shot was 2038!!!!!! Stace must have the strongest trigger finger in existence... 2038 pics in 15 hours!!! WOW!!! .....MY MOST SINCERE AND HEARTFELT THANKS TO MY FRIEND, STACE SANCHEZ FOR ALL OF HIS SUPPORT AND TRUE FRIENDSHIP!!!"

Master Jay S. Penfil
Michigan, 7th Degree Black Belt in Tang Soo Do, 1st Degree Black Belt in Isshinryu, and 1st Degree Black Belt in Hakko-Ryu Ju-Jutsu, and extensive training in Shotokan, Motobu-Ha Shito-Ryu, and Wing Chun
"I discovered Kickpics on 'Myspace'. I saw these pictures and they were amazing. I didn't bother to look into it any further, because I was certain it would be expensive to get a photo session. Not a smart move by me. But that didn't stop me from going back to the Website to check out the pics. And then I finally said "skip it" and went to see about getting a photo shoot. I was shocked at how great the terms were: a spot on the website, Advertisement for your school, photo CD, An three hour session..etc for a reasonable donation. So I made an appointment and went for a shoot. Long story short, the shoot was great. Stace was very professional, he knew what he wanted on every single shot (and this is over 200 pics), the location he chose was great and so on. Stace Sanchez is one of the most dedicated Martial Artist and people I have ever met, To take what started out as a hobby and turn it into this phenomenon. Stace could now easily charge ridiculous prices for a shoot, but I believe he doesn't do that because of his love for what he does comes first. The kickpics experience was one of the best of my life, and on top of that I made a new friend. Thanks, Stace. Can't wait to work with you again."

Eric Sigmon
Illinois, 1st degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do
"Stace doesn't just take great quality Martial Arts pictures, he captures the soul, emotion, and raw spirit of the artist. He doesn't just capture a kick but captures a frame of the practitioners years of hard work, sweat and dedication. It isn't just a photograph he takes, he takes the time to appreciate the beauty of the art the martial artist paints. Not just with a brush but with his or hers fists and feet. That's what makes a great Martial Arts photograph, not just the camera."

Tarek Hussein
Maryland, Combat Tae Kwon Do, Boxing, Muay Thai, Full Contact Karate-Do, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu & Judo and MMA stylist
Stace, Thanks for the shoot and thanks for the add, You are the best out there.... I appreciate who you are not only for what you do as a martial artist but as a Christian so if you need anything, my door is always open!"

Tom DiLallo
New York, Street Boxing, Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, and Kung Fu, Various Combative Self Defense Systems and full weapons training
"Well I see you made it home haha... It was so great seeing you again Stace. Thanks for everything, you are a great friend and Photographer!!! You Da Man!"

Amanda Clark
Indiana, Martial Artist
"Hey buddy, real nice to meet you! U've gota keen eye 4 the camera! Next time I'm over to the mid west I'll def hook up! Keep doing what ure doing! Norm"

Norman Cambridge
London, United Kingdom, Tae Kwon Do stylist
"Stace you bad a-s, the photoshoot was "muey perfecto!" thanx a ton brother...DaN"

Daniel Levine
Michigan, Muay Thai, Vale Tudo, Sambo, and Boxing stylist
"Damn Stace, the pic that I have up (that you took) is grabbing alot of comments. Thanks again for the great pics! Take care man"

Chris Crisostomo
California, 3rd Degree Black Belt in the American Kung Fu Association
"Stace your awesome man, thanks a million for the great pics!!! I can't wait to see the rest."

Dave Chang
New Jersey, Tae Kwon Do stylist
"Thanx so much man the pics look great :D"

Daniel MacKluskey
New York, Martial Artist
"Thanks so much man! You're the one that got me started with those amazing pics! :) Thanks're the best! Pt-"

Peter Thomas
California, Martial artist, Fight Choreographer, Model
"Hey Stace! Just wanted to say congrats on more awards, more recognition, and more friggin' kicks! You do amazing work my friend! :D

Kevin Winslow
California, Martial Artist
"HEY MAN TODAY ROCKED SOOO MUCH... Thank you man. I had so much fun hope we weren't too crazy for you but I had a great time!.....hope we can work together again!"

Gary Peebles
Maryland, Kung Fu stylist
"W'sup Stace Just Giving the page attention, the pics stay phenomenal! Can't wait till our next session!!!"

Joe Myrthil
New York, Martial Artist
"Hi Stace: Thank you so much for taking the photo's of me and James. It was a pleasure meeting you and having you take our picture. I'm sure we will cross paths again when you are the top photographer for "Inside Kung Fu" and I'm being profiled for the magazine. Can't wait to see the photo's! Good luck and let's keep in touch."

Sifu Alex Lamas
New York, Fu Jow Pai Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Hung Gar, Mizongyi, Tae Kwon Do, Judo and Shotokan Karate stylist
"Thank you for your time to take the pictures for me and for you, of course, and hope that we could meet again in the future. I hope you was here for my fight on the 28th of September to take some pics but i know that your a busy time!"

Lionheart Lopez
New York, Muay Thai
"Hey Stace! Thank you for the photo shoot this afternoon! I had a great time getting back into doing crazy kicks and taking some cool shots all over the park."

Joseph B
Maryland, Tae Kwon Do stylist and aspiring Model
"It was a pleasure to hang out with you. You took some awesome pictures at our school. I'm sure we'll meet again before too long."

Graham Lau
"Hey Stace, heard you all had a great time Sat night sorry I missed it!! Thanks for all of those great photos and of corse your patience with us. I can't wait to show everyone. It was great meeting you, take care. Tang soo."

Amy Spurley
"Stace, can't wait to see them! Thank you so much! Had a great experience working with you! Come back soon!! Haha"

Wendy Tseng
"Thanks for all those amazing shoots kick-pics master. it's too bad you'll be leaving tomorrow, what an amazing week!!"

Tarek Hussein
Co-owner of Capital Martial Arts
Rockville, MD
"Outstanding Shoot Today! KICKPICS is professional, reputable, and produces high quality Martial Arts photos. I will recommend them to any Martial Artists or MA School. Keep up the Great Work!"

Rocco Blais
""A great job" from one of the parents last night! Thanks Stace for your time and efforts .. we all appreciated it! RTMA Parents"

"The pleasure is all mine. Thanks for taking the time to come to my place. You take great pics!!!"

David Woods
Owner of Fighting Dragons (Kung Fu San Soo)
Bakersfield, CA
"Thanks my friend for the photo shoot, it was great working with you and i will make sure the next time your out this way we will have a lot of more folks to shoot for you. You are the best"

Johnny "Be Good"
San Francisco, California
"Stace, thanks so much for everything. I cannot be more pleased with the pictures!!! They are amazing! YOU ROCK!!!!!"

Brian Kuttel
San Francisco, California
"Stace, THANK YOU for the amazing shoot. Very relaxing and I'd do it again in a heartbeat. I'm definitely gonna work on my left leg!"

Eric Spudic
Los Angeles, California
"Dear Stace, The photos look freakin awesome. Maria and I are gloating! Thank you soooooo much for your time, your patience, and your talent! We truly appreciate it!.........I can't say enough about the pictures. I have been married twice, and these beat any wedding photos any day!!! It was gratifying and empowering. It has already helped Maria and I in our new business. I regret not paying you more. Your talent is worth so much more........I will certainly recommend you to other schools. God bless, Jackie"

Jackie Paez
Long Island, New York
"Thanks again for your time working with us at the beach on the photo shoot........And as for the pictures. They are really amazing. You did a great job and made everything work. I was extremely impressed.......Again, thank you very much. I really enjoyed the experience."

Maria Didio
Long Island, New York
"KICKPICS's Stace Sanchez is an incredible photographer and martial arts ambassador. Very professional and patient in all his shoots. He keeps giving overwhelming contributions to the martial arts' community of the world and has helped the unity of martial artists. Thank you Stace Sanchez, OSU!"

Sammy Vergara
New York
"Stace, you are one the most incredible photographers I've ever met! I'm extremely happy with the shoot and can't wait to put some of the pics in my marketing materials."

Chris Edwards
Chief Instructor Body Martial Arts
"Any school checking this page out interested in a photo shoot. USE KICKPICS!! You wont be disappointed."

Vinson's Academy of Martial Arts
Roanoke, AL
"Stace! Thanks for dedicating so much time to the Art of the Kick. We Warriors, Fighters, Martial Artists and Soldiers all... appreciate your work! Peace, Strength and Honor...Your friend, Storm~"

TJ Storm
Actor and Martial Artist (Karate, Kung Fu, Tae Kwon Do, Jujitsu, Ninjitsu, Capoeira, kickboxing)
"The information regarding stretching was also useful. I was diagnosed with MS last year. I have been taking TKD for about 2 years. I was going to give it up because I found it difficult as well as painful at times to do the stretching exercise and maintain my balance when doing any type of kicks and/or turns. A front snap kick would cause me to wobble. Learning Tae Guek Chil Jang was difficult because of the tiger stance. However, my master said he understood my physical challenge and appreciated my spirit to work at it so I was encouraged to continue my plight toward earning a black belt. It is important to me because I am say that I will not be defeated my MS. I started back with Hap Ki Do. I also teach group exercise part-time for Bally's. Don't get me wrong, I do have occasional bad days, but the good days far exceed the bad days, now. What I have read in your FAQ has been a great encouragement. Thanks. Remember, you may be one person in the world, but you may make the world of difference to someone. Take care!"

Texas - Tae Kwon Do and Hapkido stylist
"Stace! Thanks for dedicating so much time to the Art of the Kick. We Warriors, Fighters, Martial Artists and Soldiers all... appreciate your work! Peace, Strength and Honor...Your friend, Storm~

TJ Storm
California - Actor and Martial Artist (Karate, Kung Fu, Tae Kwon Do, Jujitsu, Ninjitsu, Capoeira, kickboxing)
"The information regarding stretching was also useful. I was diagnosed with MS last year. I have been taking TKD for about 2 years. I was going to give it up because I found it difficult as well as painful at times to do the stretching exercise and maintain my balance when doing any type of kicks and/or turns. A front snap kick would cause me to wobble. Learning Tae Guek Chil Jang was difficult because of the tiger stance. However, my master said he understood my physical challenge and appreciated my spirit to work at it so I was encouraged to continue my plight toward earning a black belt. It is important to me because I am say that I will not be defeated my MS. I started back with Hap Ki Do. I also teach group exercise part-time for Bally's. Don't get me wrong, I do have occasional bad days, but the good days far exceed the bad days, now. What I have read in your FAQ has been a great encouragement. Thanks. Remember, you may be one person in the world, but you may make the world of difference to someone. Take care!"

Texas - Tae Kwon Do and Hapkido stylist
"Hey Bro !!! hope your well! Keep up the great work for all us Martial Artist's !!!!"

Carl Sullivan
Queensland, Australia - 28 year old martial artist
"Thanks alot Stacey, keep getting those cool pics, your doing a lot for the martial arts world."

Daryan Wilkerson
Houston, Texas - 26 year old martial artist
"Thanks man, it would be cool to have my pic on the kick pix album lol, I'm presently training in kyokoshin karate, and krav maga. and I just got my license to teach Muay Thai! I think you're a fantastic artist and your pix are true art. take care bro. hope to hear from you soon."

Montreal, Quebec, Canada - 22 year old martial artist
"Thank you for the invite. You really have a nice site. Your site is a definite credit to the martial arts world. I would be happy to call you friend."

Visalia, California - 39 year-old Jeet Kun Do, Chinese Kickboxing, Aikido, Chin Na, Gung Fu, Kung Fu, and Wing Chun Stylist
"You know when I was younger my high kicks were a thing of beauty, something to behold. People used to call me rubber band due to my unique skills, and probably the fact that I was painfully thin, but now sadly as I got older those skills just aren't there anymore, maybe I took them for granted, randomly kicking people in the head as I walked down the hall in school, but your pics inspired me to stretch the golden gates once again, thanx."

Kuala Lumpour, Malaysia - 25 year old martial artist
"I will check out your site. I would also like to thank you for what you are doing to better the martial arts world. May God continue to bless you and your family and keep you safe. I hope that you continue to train your soul, mind and body. Respectfully Submitted, Dometrius D. Hill"

North East, Texas - 38 year old Tae Kwon Do stylist
"Thanks :) I like your kicks pics . Good motivation for keep kicking:)"

Bogota, Colombia - 27 year old martial artist
"Your pictures rock. Just in first year of Tae Kwon Do. Your pictures are inspirational!! Looking forward to growing as an artist with the skills you portray so beautifully."

Atlanta, Georgia - 38 year old Tae Kwon Do stylist
"Those are some sweet kicks. People like you make me want to train harder. Thanks for the add."

Redland, California - Tony, Tae Kwon Do and Tai Chi stylist
"I just read through your FAQs and some more of your site and wanted to say what an encouragement and living example of God's restoration you are. Your recent losses touched my heart .... and even more so the assurance that you will see them again! God is faithful and I too know you will :o) Thank you for sharing your heart and being such a witness just by living what you believe! May God continue to bless you :) I think what you have done is amazing! If you ever come near Las Vegas I am sure my class would be honored to meet you. We study Kajukenbo and kicks are my favorite! God bless and have a beautiful Day!"

Las Vegas, Nevada - 37 years old
"I really like what you've done and know that you have everything it takes to accomplish any lifetime goal or dream:) ... the fact that (like Me) you only take a little money that is needed to get by reveals how much passion and spirit you have in your goals."

St. Clair Shores, Michigan - 18 year old Tae Kwon Do stylist
"Thank you for finding me on here, sending me your email, and accepting my friend request. You do amazing work Stace. Just looking at all these pics makes me realize how much out of form I am. I need to start training again. Keep up the great work."

Lansing, Michigan - 2nd degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do
"I just wanted to say I think you are doing an amazing job, with your website, and I wish you the best of luck in all your future endeavors. One day I must get some pictures taken by you, they are all amazing and I have never seen such great work."

K'Waun Conquest
Washington Township, Michigan - 18 year old Traditional Ryokukai Karate-do and Tae Kwon Do stylist
"I love what you're doing here man, it's really great. Keep up the good work. Tchau."

Florida - 22 year old Jiu-Jitsu stylist
"Sure thing. Its a sweet site! My friend has a camera and said he will let me side kick him in the head, but we just haven't found the time yet. Also im excited, I landed two 540's in a row for the first time yesterday!!!! Good stuff. Keep on doin' what your doin', its great!"

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma - 24 year old martial artist
"You guys are truly gifted. God Bless each of you. Brother Ivan/Macc"

Charlotte, North Carolina - 3rd degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do
"Thanks for the add! Kickpics is really AMAZING! Keep it true. -Yoseikan Fed."

St-Hubert, Quebec, Canada - 30 year old Yoseikan stylist
"Nice pics, bro. Always on the lookout for ppl with the same obsessions as me. Have a good one."

Louisiana - 30 year-old Mixed Martial Artist (MMA, UFC, Pride)
"As for the Kickpics site, all I can say is "WOW"! I have been following Kickpics since its inception (I actually had three picture posts on the November 2001 update of the site) and I really am proud of the progress you have made with the site. I've watched the magazine clippings become live models, the photo quality skyrocket, and the product offerings expand from access to a few pictures to full photo sets, movie clips, and now promotional clothing!!! With this new domain and web design, you have now catapulted Kickpics to a world-class interactive web experience. It's been a pleasure every step of the way watching the transformation, and I am very proud to know that although the site has been "kicked" hundreds of thousands of times, I remember being there when the hit count was in the hundreds (and low hundreds, at that!). I am also VERY excited to see the return of Jeff Doss (a personal favorite) and can't wait to see which pics you choose for your favorites. How can one choose with so many talented martial artists available?!?!!? Best of luck. Not that you need it. You have truly found your calling and have etched out your perfect niche."

Mark Sinning
Pennsylvania - One of the Original KICKPICS viewers
"Ey Stace Thanks for the add. Been a long time fan of your site. Anytime you need someone to speak with about Martial arts or anything else, drop me a line!"

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada - 25 years old, 4th degree black belt in WTF Tae Kwon Do
"Hi Stace, Good to see that the kickpics site is still going strong! Just realized it's been 3yrs since you added my pics!!! Have to do another set... Cheers m8!"

Stephan Marriott
Bedfordshire, United Kingdom - 33 year old Sandan in Karate
"Thank you. when i am there i will contact you for sure. Keep on the good idea and work. greetings from Hong Kong."

Merlin Lang
Hong Kong - 28 year old Kung Fu and Tai Ji Chuan
"Keep up the good work man! If your ever in San Fran stop by Fairtex and check us out."

San Francisco, California - 29 year old martial artist (Muay Thai, MMA, K1)
"Thanks for the password. Your site is very cool. I forgot where do I can upload my kickpics if I have some? greetz phil.. any tips for the pics?"

Wollstein, Germany - Phil, 19 year old Tae Kwon Do stylist
"Stace, thanks for the request...I love the pics you have taken. Its always nice to run into to other people that have an interest in athletics. I love the kicking shots. They are amazing."

Inver Grover Heights, Minnesota - Gymnast, Fitness Enthusiast
"Hi Stacy ....ur pics is very, very, very good...I'd like to be a good photographer like u great"

Italy - 21 year old martial artist and photographer
"You are a good friend, Stace! And GREAT at your Art! Steve"

Steve Arce
Los Angeles, California - 37 year old 6th degree black belt in Karate and Judo, Cross trains in MMA
"Thank you as well, I accidentally stumbled upon your myspace and I'm really glad I did...cuz I'm all about perfect kicks. Jean Claude was my mentor..hah...take care my new friend, jay"

Honolulu, Hawaii - martial artist
"Thank you for the greetings.....KICKPICS rule. sensei James Stuart."

James Stuart
Ireland - 22 year old Martial Arts, Karate, Full Contact Kickboxing stylist
"Love the photos you guys take, so let me get this right, you all are photographers or do you have your own group of photographers and y'all just pose? Anyway, good looking out... hope that you have a great weekend."

Fort Worth, Texas - 36 year old Tae Kwon Do stylist
"Hey Stace hope your still planning on coming to California this month I'd like to meet the man behind the only site I go to on this thing hope all is well."

El Cajon, California - 24 year old aiki-ju jitsu and MMA stylist
"Love the new site, Stace. Keep up the great work!"

Eric Spudic
Hollywood, California - 28 year old martial artist
"I want to thank you for what you share about your mom. I am very sorry to go in your private life, I usually do not reading personal profiles, I was just looking at your Martial moves, when I saw your mom picture. I being sick with hearing problem since 1999,it was the worse time of my life...but I am not going into that. And what you wrote about your mom, I just hope that my children looks at me that away, I stopped been sorry for myself and since enjoy the Kung Fu class with my kids I feel great and stronger for my life's challenge, but I do need to stopped complained about my conditions, and I am taking one minute at the time, now I do yoga, Kung Fu and Tai Chi...but one minute at the time. Thank you for sharing your life, now I can go in ahead and being more happy."

ALIQUIPPA, Pennsylvania - 44 year old martial artist
"Hey dude thanks for finding and adding me I like the pics! think ill be checking out you groups in a bit see what's what! keep up the good work!"

United Kingdom - 28 years old, 1st dan Shotokan and 3rd dan Freestyle Karate