Welcome to KICKPICS

My name is Stace Sanchez and I'm the founder and owner of the world-famous website, KICKPICS - home of the hottest martial arts kicking photos on the planet. The theme of the website is posed kicking photos with a partner - so you will see pics of martial artists performing kicks to an opponent's head, face, throat, groin, etc. ALL styles are welcome, too. I have met and shot photos with people from many different styles: Tae Kwon Do, Kung Fu, various karate styles, Kickboxing and even a few MMA (Mixed Martial Arts - one of the fastest growing sports in the world - UFC, Pride, K1 are a few organizations that might sound familiar) guys. We need more ladies! I want to get more into female photography so come on ladies - bring it! Most of the images on the site are my shots but photo sharing is definitely encouraged. So if you're a photography buff and have photos that fit the theme of the site, please email them. I'd be happy to post them. If you are ready to launch yourself or your school to the next level, click the CONTACT link - you'll be happy you did. REMEMBER: Pictures Say A Thousand Words!

WE BROUGHT IT BACK!!! KICKPICS Martial Arts Stock Photos is back! You are now able to purchase some of our site's favorite kickers' photos. Stop spending your money on stock photos. The most exciting martial arts stock photos, by REAL martial artists, no crazy restrictions.........for less!

"Stace Sanchez was just one of those martial kids with a quirky dream. Discover how his dream has become a martial arts phenomenon that's sweeping not only the US, but the world." - TaeKwonDo Times, November 2007

"Count me in as a school instructor who validates Stace's unprecedented incentives! In fact, we're bringing KICKPICS back for the second time this year to shoot pics at all eight of our locations! His work is second to none, customer service is UNMATCHED. Prompt responses, quick turn-around on the pics - you will not find ANYONE who does better work. Period." - Hank Minitrez, TigerDen Martial Arts, Virginia